Custom match

Hello Ladies. I have a custom order for portrait babies…twins. I appreciate any opinions. Which do you think matches the closest…Tabatha or Lucy?


not too good at matching but I say lucy… as soon as I looked at the picture without reading the choices.



Lucy. The shape of her face is more similar to the babies.

The person to really know would be Momma.

I think Lucy, her bottom lip looks more like the twins, than Tabatha’s.

If it has to be one of those, I would say Lucy. But I see Peyton by J. Gwin
OR Andie by Dawn Donofrio OR Fleur and Kristen by Sheila Michael.
Since Fleur and Kristen are already twins, I think that would be a good match.

I say Lucy. The lips and head shape match perfectly.


Thanks for all the responses. After looking at the shape of the lips, I think I will go with Lucy. I choose Lucy and Tabatha because the lady doesn’t have the money for me to use the more expensive kits.