Custom Madison Awake!πŸ’™

His painting is done! He still needs lashes and brows. Then some barely there painted hair, but my first baby made with Golden acylics! His momma loves him so far!


Such a cutie!

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Oh my! He is so cute.

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Gorgeous!!! He is just precious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Love his bald little head.

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Thank you everyone :heart:
He was definitely nerve wracking since it was my first using Golden only. He’s also my first with very light mottling/blushing etc. His momma requested it be very very light. I hope his eyes are set correctly, I normally make sleeping babies, I’ve only made maybe 10 awake babies in almost 6 years lol
He’s gonna have lightly barely there painted hair after I seal his painting. Wish me luck lol

I am not a fan of a lot of mottling either.