Custom Estelle

Working on a custom Estelle. She wants thick dark hair on her, so I will tackle that next. You think her complexion is dark enough for real dark hair?

I think she’ll look adorable with dark hair. She is such a cute sculpt, and her coloring looks great.

  hugs tina

Thank you! I sent pics to her mommy. Waiting for approval before I start rooting.

She’s beautiful Lara!! Your babies are always gorgeous!

she’ll look great with dark hair. I love her little mouth. You’ve done a great job and I’m sure her new mommy will love her. Please post more pics when you get her finished!

She is beautiful Lara, love her skin tones. Here are a couple of links that help you decide with skin tones and hair colors…like warm skin tones /hair and the cool skin tones/ hair colors. There are for people but should work will with our dolls as well. I use this system all the time and it works! Lol … c_sjyc.htm … 1119210655