Custom Baby Finished PICTURE INTENSE


The spit bubbles look great. I’m sure her mommy will love her!


WOW !!! Absolutely beautiful.


She is really cute, I love her skin tones they look so real and the spit bubbles are great


Love her. I had to do a butterfly kisses before and I honestly hated that sculpt…something about the way the shape of the mouth or something…I just never really bonded with that kit. She looks very nice and I love her spit bubbles and and her nice rooting job.


She is beautiful, I love her mouth the spit bubbles are nice.

 Hugs tina


The first one I did I thought I was going to hate it and really ended up loving it and the second one, I loved and was one of my best sellers.
I made both of mine boys but your is all girl


Beautiful! Great job I love her, hope her new mommy loves her too.