Cuddling with Jonathan


Cuddling with Jonathan is making my crappy day so much better. Anyone else like to cuddle with a reborn when you’ve had a bad day?


I haven’t found my perfect Cuddle buddy yet. I am waiting on a Cuddle Baby Head and I am certain she will finally be the one. Glad you have your baby to make your day better!


He’s lovely! I used to find reborns helpful to cuddle with but haven’t in like 4 years. I don’t bond with them anymore so maybe that’s why. I’ve had a bad day too and all I want is puppy snuggles but my dog refuses.


I think today is something in the air!


@Anne Annette, you are confusing me changing your avatar forum picture so often As soon as I got use to little hippy W, you change it, now again… :joy:


I do with mine they make my days so much better.


I do. It’s soothing.


I can’t help it, lol!


That’s the wonderful thing about reborn dolls. They provide soothing comfort.