Cuddles from my AA/Ethnic Tutorial now on eBay


Hope you like her. … 901wt_1139


Wow!! She is beautiful Marlen!! Definately a work of art!! I can tell you reborned her with lots of love!! I love her hair! It looks so silky!! Is it Cher Mohair? It’s beautiful! She is going to sell fast!


She is sweet. I love her purple outfit. Fantastic!!


Thank you Ladies, yes Michelle is Cher mohair the best hair you can buy. Thank you again for your nice compliments Ladies.


You did a great job on her! Her hair looks awesome… did you have to curl it??? Cher was sending me a sample, not sure what happened hope she does not think i received it and just had nothing to say–Think i better go and pm her.


YAY!!! Marlen, she is BREATHTAKING!!! You’ve outdone yourself, girlfriend! I love her!!! My hat’s off to you, for sure, for rooting all that HAIR…WOW!!!
Also, I love that you shared pictures of your oil paintings; you are soooo, so talented!

BOL with her sale, but I really don’t think you’ll need it.




Thank you very much Karen and luv2lrn for your beautiful compliments, this hair is wavy mohair , what I use are rolls of hair and wear them for a while and then let them go and I have curly hair, thanks again for all the compliments.


Wonderful job! Good luck!!!


— Begin quote from “Lil’ Lambs”

Wonderful job! Good luck!!!

— End quote

Thank you very much.