Cuddle body realism


My mom made us dolls with cuddle-type bodies when we were kids. Only she sewed lines down the hands and feet where the fingers and toes are, creating digits - can be sewed before or after stuffing. It flattened the hands out and created cute little round toes…as a result the hands and feet still looked sweet when uncovered.

Similar to these pictures…and similar to Cabbage Patch hands and feet only a less puffy. Has anyone else tried this on their cuddle bodies?


I’ve done it before on a full cloth doll. It looked quite nice.


That’s so much better!!! Great idea!!!


If someone makes one I’d buy it. :slight_smile:




Guess I’ll play around with one.




Way back when I made these,we did the fingers and toes after the baby was stuffed.May want to stuff the hand and foot to make the toes and fingers look realistic.


Great idea!!