Cuddle body combination


If you have a head and legs but no arms then this could be an idea for you. Prices are listed on the body.


You are full of Great ideas!


Now that’s really interesting, will keep it in mind, never know when you might need something like that!!


I have a Landon awake and I dont care for his Karate chop arm. Lol

I may go this route!!:+1::slightly_smiling_face::+1:


You have some really good ideas, and the ability to bring them to fruition! :slight_smile:


Thank you Virginia


Oh I could do this for my Uriel Lopez. I was sent the wrong arms with her kit (Lil Smila arms by PhilD )and she’s sold out and the supplier does not have extra.


Here are 2 examples I have to for sale I did not make either my favorite is the giraffe body I bought from the nice lady on here.

She is the Deborah silicone head sculpt and snuggle body but full legs and arms

Then there is Faya there was only 20 of her made same thing she had a silicone head and snuggle body