Cuddle Baby Leif


He’s another one that I didn’t like until he was put together. :hearts:


Are you sure you have the right name? I don’t remember a sleeping Liam realborn.


It’s Leif, not Liam. :wink:
He’s very sweet looking!


Oh, thank you!


I thought it was Leif, He is such a sweet looking kit. I thought maybe they had released a new realborn that I did not know of lol.


Love his hair!


I don’t know why I had Liam in my head when I was listing. Thanks for pointing that out. All fixed!:smiley:


Ohhh I loveeee him :heart_eyes: he looks so snuggly


This kit has never really appealed to me, but your version is beautiful.


He is beautiful!


I love his little angel face:) also- that soft blue looks perfect with his skin tone, he’s adorbs;)


I am in love with this little guy!


He is so cute!


He is absolutely precious!!


Soooo sweet, my goodness! :blue_heart:


As usual, your baby is beautiful. Looks so cuddly.


Love him! So precious :two_hearts: