Cuddle Baby Body

Hey everyone! I want to make a Realborn Darren cuddle baby, but I’m stuck with the body size I need! I can do 16-17 inches or 18-19 and bountiful baby lists him as 17.5 inches. Any suggestions? Anyone made a Darren cuddle baby?

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Yes! A member here makes them!!! They are awesome. Message @RoseannsBoutique she will make whatever you need. :heart:


17-18 would fit if you’re having it custom made.


So I didn’t make my Darren cuddle baby but I did give him a new body. At first I had him on a 18-19 inch from Roseanne here on the forum. It was way too big. The next size I had was a 16 inch. Way too small. I have him on a 17 inch now and it fits very nicely. I think his limbs could be a bit bigger but I’m pretty happy with the proportions. He fits in preemie clothes perfectly and some smaller newborn

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