Cuddle Babies to donate


I recently received my order for a kit and enclosed was a flyer about Making cuddle Babies for charity. I was wondering where I might find out more information about that. Thanks!


If it was a BB order, perhaps @EmilyBB or @bbsupport will come answer your question?


i would be very interested in this also if someone finds out more please let us know


I’ll add a pic of the flyer in a bit! I’d love to make one for someone who needs one emotionally because I’ve been there


Where did you place the order


It was an order through Bountiful Baby but now as I’m rereading the flyer, it is a class to made the cuddle babies at the Doll Show coming up. I was thinking it was online but it is for the Rose international doll show.


Hi Everyone,

Bountiful Baby is sponsoring the ROSE International Doll Show. We are donating Seconds Realborn® kits to ROSE Cares Charity. ROSE Cares will be holding classes to reborn these donate kits for their charity and will be donating these babies to various nursing homes in need of cuddle therapy.
You can read more information on this at
This is hosted by ROSE International Doll Show, sponsored by Bountiful Baby.

Bountiful Baby will also be attending the ROSE International Doll Show and Sponsoring the Reborn Category of the show. For every Realborn® entered into the Show, the entrant will receive a $30 BB Gift Certificate. All Realborns will also be entered into our ‘Best of Show’ Realborn® contest for a chance to win a ‘Best of Show’ award and a Future BB artist sculpted Prototype opportunity. Here is more information on that:
@BabyMine Can answer more questions on this, She is one of the owners of the ROSE International Doll Show.

Thanks Everyone!
Bountiful Baby


Normally, I’m not one to stir up controversy, but am I reading this right? They won’t be selling the seconds as kits because it would devalue the Limited Edition status. Understandable. But Realborn seconds are being donated to charity? I’m a little confused by this. Are some of the Realborns NOT limited editions and perhaps those are the ones being donated? Why would selling the seconds kits devalue the limited edition, but donating them to charity NOT devalue them? I’m gathering this from a couple of different posts, so perhaps I don’t have all the details.


Interesting that there was never a response to the question and NOW the RealBorn Limited Edition Kits that were not going to have seconds sold are selling like hotcakes? The non-limited Edition RealBorns could and should have seconds available, but a Limited Edition is just that “Limited”. Perhaps @bbsupport or @EmilyBB has already addressed this somewhere else on the forum, I just didn’t find it!




I wonder too!


I think it’s wonderful.


I wonder why there has not been a comment by @EmilyBB or @bbsupport regarding the change from the original position of NO SECONDS for the Limited Edition kits? Anyone else wonder?


After reading this I’m wondering that myself…