Cuddle babies and vampling


These are what I am working on right now, in between work, school and the kiddos. The two ‘human dolls’ are going to be cuddle babies and Americus, is going to be a brand spanki’n new vampling with burst blood vessels (hasn’t fed yet and is super hungry :wink:)


Love seeing you paint!


One of these things is not like the other! Lol You know I love your work!! So fun!!!


Beautiful work. I admire your skill and creativity.


They’re lovely. The vampling looks awesome too!


Beautiful xo


stunning work!


Thank you all so much for the support and kind words!!! It feels good to get some painting done. I’ve seriously missed it!! :kissing_heart:


Lovely!!! Very nice!!! This makes me want to try painting again :blush:


Awwww that’s really good to hear!!