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This is a wip of me using air dry paints. I’m following the instructions for an Aa baby that came with the ethnic set of paints. Only thing, I’m not using as much water as it say. These limbs are after the base coat n 2 layers of flesh colors. I brushed the paint on, then pounced n pounced with the sponge. Some areas look a lil blotchy. Am I making the paint to thick, should I add more slow dry, second layer seemed to dry faster than the first layer. I haven’t tried any thing to the paints, I need to order the fluid meduim from Amazon.


WOW! I think it looks wonderful!


Thank you, I think it’s just the pictures, looks a lil blotchy in person. She’ll be my first test baby with air paints. A keeper.


If you don’t like the blotchy look then next time try mixing the three colors together to get the flesh tone you like. It looks good to me!


It looks good from here, can’t see blotchy at all.


I would suggest to add more distilled water or the amount that is suggested. Here are a few other things that I do to get an even coat of paint:

  1. I make sure that I shake or stir my paints before I add them to my mixing jar. Sometimes the liquids will separate when they sit for a while.
  2. I also make sure that I stir the paint mix every time I dip my brush into it. This is a habit that I do to make sure everything is mixed well.
  3. I have been using air dry paints for over 8 yrs and have only used slow dry once. It changed the flow of the paint and caused it to push the paint around and not let it blend evenly causing steaks and blotches. So I no longer use it and I also don’t find it necessary to use.
  4. A few yrs ago I switched to using either a large mop or a kabuki brush to pounce the paint instead of a cosmetic sponge. The mop brush will give a textured look and the kabuki brush will give a smooth look. The large kabuki brushes are wider than the sponges and covers a larger area at a time when pouncing. It also allows me to pounce out any of the paint in the creases at the same time. I still use the sponges, but only for touch ups or detail work like mottling.


@rainbow, may I ask what type of air dry paints you use and if you don’t use slow dry what do you thin your paints with? Just distilled water? Do you add any type of medium for better adhesion?? Just learning air dry’s.


Hi Lynn, I have used so many different air dry paints for reborns that I can’t remember them all, but I always come back to Liquitex professional paints. With any of the paints that I have used I add distilled water and Liquitex ultra matte gel or ultra matte medium.


Thank you


Thank you


@rainbow Thanks for the tips!


Great info @rainbow !!! Thanks so much! Bookmarked :grinning:


Thank you!!


hi Rainbow

What type of Liquitex acrylics do you like to use? I have some of the liquid ones. Seems like everyone who paints with air dry has their own preference.



I like using the Liquitex soft body paints which is one of the professional grades. Yes everyone has their own preference. There are a lot of good high quality paints out there and it is up to the individual of what they prefer and what works for them.


@rainbow, thanks for the info. Always looking for any info I can find to help me on my journey!!


Hey y’all,

I’m sorry for posting on an old thread but I’ve seen @rainbow respond to several questions about Liquitex paints and I’m hoping she or someone else on the thread will answer a dumb question from me? My first kits were done with craft and student level acrylics because that’s what I already had around the house. I prepped them with Folk Art Tile and Glass: is this process the same with Liquitex? If so, should I be adding it with each layer or just once as a basecoat? Thanks in advance for the advice!


I hope someone will come along and help you. I do not use the Folk Art Tile and Glass and I don’t always prep my kits. If I do prep them I use Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid or Liquitex ultra matte medium. I use the Liquitex ultra matte gel in each layer or mix.


Actually that is exactly what I needed to know! Thank you!


I used to use it but @jeanhai said she didn’t prep her kit so I tried it and I like it much better. My GTM is lonely now, lol. I use Liquitex Paints.