Creating a realistic tongue or gums


Can you bake this stuff?


I think they do that when they are out of stock, lol.


Liquitex has glass bead texture gel as well.


Wow :scream: That shipping cost is crazy!!! I bought mine at Michael’s. I think it cost around $18 but, I used either a 50% or 60% off coupon :wink: For the first several months after I started reborning, I would go to Michael’s almost weekly and use a 50%-60% off coupon for various supplies and I loved when they would have a weekly sale on paint brushes! They would have buy one get one or a certain percentage off and I would stock up on brushes!! I would generally use my 50%-60% off coupon on different mediums, glue, pricier brushes, storage boxes or organizers, etc. We also have a Hobby Lobby pretty close to Michael’s and they often have 50% off coupons. IF I didn’t spend hours in Michael’s then I would double dip and use my Hobby Lobby coupon too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: However, it’s not often that I can go in Michael’s without getting lost in the store :smile:… I know there will be an endless Art Supply store when I get to Heaven :smile::wink:


can you bake this product. Did anyone ever answer your question?