Creating a realistic tongue or gums


How do I go about achieving the look of gums on my reborn dolls? Any advice?


I myself play around with colors, use photos of real babies as well, as far as any texture or bumpy look like on a tongue, I use very small amount of matte medium, then paint over, then just pounce a slightly darker color on that, use your imagination :blush::blush:, have fun with it​:blush:


For tongue texture, you can buy glass bead gel and add paint to it :slight_smile:


Where did you purchase your glass bead gel from?


I bought it at Michael’s :slight_smile:



thanks! :relieved:


following for the rest of this tutorial…


You’re welcome :blush: here’s a pic of some of the glass bead gel applied to the tongue. I just painted it right over an already painted tongue to see what it would look like…

It has a glossy finish :tongue:

Here’s a pic with paint added


awesome tip! Thanks! I’m always in Michael’s so I need to get some. Which isle is it located in?


You’re welcome :blush: I got mine with a coupon BC it’s nearly $20 a jar :wink:


I totally understand. I live for the coupons at Michcael’s lol. Today they have the 50% off coupon so I might go to day or wait for the 60%coupon. :laughing:


Thanks for that tip @Summer Can you add glass beads to matte gel to get the same effect?


I actually tried that first :blush: but, the beads were too big
BB fine glass beads with Ultra Matte Gel


I have that too :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:, but only used it once for spit bubbles


Oh, I never thought about spit bubbles! I’d love to see pics if you have any :slight_smile:


Hmm let me look and see😀I can’t remember


Well they are in his mouth, and you can’t see them🙁, anyhow it worked, I just dabbed them on, and squeezed air around in the gel with the little bubble maker and created illusion of spit


Came across your post and thought let me look on amazon…What a deal $8, right? Look at shipping. Good, God!


Super cool info!!! I agree with you @marleeton about the shipping LOL.