Crease color


Watching Denise video from B.B. she says to use the crease color but doesn’t say which one . Does anyone know ?



Oh no they didn’t give that in the kit. Interesting . What colors do I use to make it ? I have 1-8


That premixed crease color leaves dirty looking creases in my opinion.


What color would you recommend for crease ? I’m on that step and lost of what to do ?


I actually build my creases as I paint,using my blue yellow red as I do my paint layers.If you want it to look brownish like the pre mixed crease,you can mix red yellow and blue and you will get a brownish color.I only use brownish creases on AA dolls though.Most caucasian babies I end up more of a color similar to my blushing color on them.Denise’s video is pretty much a beginner video as she only uses one layer of each color on her baby. Customdollbaby is a great tutorial on YouTube. Kim is a remarkable reborner and walks you through the whole process.


The first crease color I ever learned to make was a mix of pyrole red 05, burnt umber, and pyrole red 02 (or Genesis red would work).

The next color I learned was “dirty purple” which is pyrole red 02, ultramarine blue, and Genesis red.

Now I do creases in 3 or 4 layers

Layer 1: pinky purple- dioxide purple with a bit of pink and if too dark white
Layer 2: dirty purple but on the red side
Layer 3: blushing color
Layer 4: I use a blushing+black or brown for deep creases (like between fingers, or deep folds)


Oh wow … first time so I think I’ll go with basic lol I did red and purple

this is what I have so far …
thanks for everyone’s help ! With out all of you I would of returned everything and just bought them already made .