Crazy question about gov. shut down


Sooo… does this mean medicaid and medicare will stop? Mail service? Taxes? The radio said that by March first people will probably have to move out of section 8 since the government pays the landlords for that. Just curious. I know the mail is moving extremely SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


Everything else will be on the table as far as the ones in power are concerned depending on how long it continues except for taxes they never stop even after you die


Mail will not be affected.




It will most likely not come to that, hopefully something gets sorted before March. Medicaid and medicare are protected, but there might be delays. But tax returns will be late. I have already seen people on various sites saying that their landlord is not going to wait until they start getting paid again. I have also seen posts by people who depend on their income from their rental property. It is not just the 800mil who are directly affected, but many more like landlords and small businesses. Lets face it reborns will be the last thing on people’s minds.


I didn’t even think of that!!! Yikes! I was just wondering what the deal with the mail in NC was!


How are you by the way? Did you have your surgery? Are you feeling okay?


My mother in law is a postal carrier and they pay their employees from the income the receive from stamps/packages…etc so they are not affected.


Okay, well my mail is messed up then!


My mail has been so slow too ugh😩


Thanks for asking. I am seeing the surgeon on the 22nd; hope something will happens soon after that. I can hardly get around. But it’s my fault, I did not really push harder for the op, thinking maybe will get better without it. Few months back I had some good days, and I blamed the bad days on doing too much in the garden. The doctors cannot tell how much pain you have; I have a friend who has knees as bad as mine but he has no pain. Also my left knee is lot more sore than my right, but on the x-ray and scans the right looks worse. So it really depends on the patient to say the pain is too much. Unfortunately, I started to go down hill just as most of the surgeons were packing up to go for their holidays (from before Xmas till February).


I hope it is fixed soo and you are feeling better!!!


I hope so too @ludmila :heart:


Sorry to hear that, Ludmila (btw this is my mom’s name :grinning:). Hope that you will get help and feel better soon!