Crazy low starting price, no reserve

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Good luck on the auction…


All the best on your auction :0)


Congratulations on the sale - hopefully you will get more on each baby you put on eBay… everyone says it is really tough right now…


I think these low prices might be the reason nobody is selling very well on ebay… Not that it is your fault, please don’t get me wrong. I think we should set the bar a little higher. Buyers are just waiting on someone to list low. I won’t sell mine for nothing… I want to be paid for my time, I put many, many hours in the hair alone. If I cant’ get the price I want, I’ll let my 6 year old daughter have them all. That would put a smile on her face. Though, she already has 3 Good Luck to you!!


well, I went so low because the thought occurred to me, I might’ve been trying to be greedy? Not that any reborn isn’t worth the high asking price! There’s a lot of work that go into these little darlings, but after recieving some very honest critques (thank you btw, I aprreciate that!) on my baby up for auction and taking a second look at her/him, I realized maybe I was seeing him/her better than what he/she really was?? Giving myself too much credit. Plus, I heard from several, that the Sugar sculpt just isn’t very well liked. Which shocked me cause I just love it, but everyone’s different, so the market for “sugars” right now, maybe just wasn’t very open? So I decided to lower the price (honestly, thinking it would go much higher), and maybe give someone a chance who couldn’t afford one, the chance to get one?? So I did…and karma may be in the works I’m in touch with a lady who saw Kaleb’s auction and wanted him badly but couldn’t get him. She’s supposed to be in touch with me mid july for a custom order, after she gets some money she’s expecting. We’ve already agreed the price for the custom would be around the $150.00 range, which I still think, sometimes, is too low…but again…maybe for the time being, that’s all my skills are worth? And if BB keeps having all these wonderful sales, I can swing a baby at $150.00 and still turn a pretty good profit on it, and maybe give someone a baby who can’t otherwise afford it? Plus, mostly, I like putting my earnings into new kits, not really making an income on it, though sometimes it does result in a good chunk of MAD money for us. I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years, and when I first got into it, sales were sky rocketing, but shortly after, and I mean shortly after, it caught on and everyone and her sister thought she could reborn, and as a result, they got easier to come by I guess?? And the prices have only went down since then. My sugar may not have been PERFECT, by any means, but it is an AMAZING doll!! I LOVE holding it and just looking at it!! The coloring and everything is just gorgeous! And I listed it on ebay four times I think, finally changing the sex to a boy, and having a WONDERFUL fellow bb’er make me a template (THANK YOU again btw), and also started a facebook just for my reborns, listed it on etsy, yardsellr,, and I’m not even sure where else, and FINALLY, with a price under a hundred dollars it caught people’s attention. The demand for them just isn’t as high any more, nfortunately, I feel like. The popularity is growing I think, but so is the number of artists. Literally, I used to be able to have a conversation with someone that consisted of “I’m a reborn artist. Do you know what that means?” “No, do tell!” Now a days, it goes more like this “I’m a reborn artist. Do you know what that means?” “OH YEAH!! My sister, cousin, grandma, etc…does that!”


Way, way too low for that cutie. But I had to sell my early babies too cheap to.
Cheap prices for nice babies does hurt the reborn trade all together.


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Way, way too low for that cutie. But I had to sell my early babies too cheap to.
Cheap prices for nice babies does hurt the reborn trade all together.

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i appreciate you thinkin he was worth way more!! I did too :confused: and I think the lady that wants a custom from me might’ve paid top dollar! She had wonderful things to say about my work…but if I can turn a nice profit, and I know someone really wants one and just can’t afford it, I feel bad, asking them for that much…plus right now, we can use ANY amount of extra money we can get, and I’m afraid if I go too high I’ll blow a sale when I could’ve at least earned a little…it’s just hard to know what to do


First thing I learned with alot of wanna be customers is the boohoo I can’t afford one at even cheap prices… Will you go lower?! And then endless sob stories, my baby died and I have cancer… I fell for that one…
Remember one really, really important point. Our reborn babies is artwork, yes loveable artwork. But NO artwork is a life’s neccesity. It’s a true luxury and should be seen as a honor to own such nice things. Having a bleeding heart for someone just because they pay you compliments will ultimate lead us to failure. While I want normal sweet people to own my babies ( meaning not rich). No normal good hearted, hard working person who can truly appreciate the beauty of these babies would ever chew down, beg or ass kiss their way to getting a great something for nothing.

It may take longer to sell your nice babies but in the long run it will validate your efforts much more then selling yourself short.

I am a big softie and I’ve had to learn this same lesson the hard way.

Be careful on those promised custom orders for cheap. I fell for that too!




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depends on how cooperative the hair and the vinyl are. Can be anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. Then I usually allow several for drying.


I love the cute kissable mouth! I traded messages with another artist on ebay who contact me and we discussed the pricing issue. I told her that I don’t pull a random price out of thin air, but I consider all the creation costs, including time, look at the current and completed listing for a particular sculpt and figure my listing price from there. I also watch the length of time some of the higher price point artists list their dolls, I do not include prototypes in my “poll”, as I figure those are a whole other creature, and then you will notice the trend that they hold their beginning asking price and sit tight, waiting for their buyer. Quite frankly, the only doll I tired of selling was Skeeter, and reached a point when looking at her was hurting my spirit more than lowering her price, down, down, down. She was the exception. BOL on your listing and don’t sell yourself short!