Crazy Closeout Deals At BB!

These items will NOT be restocked!

  • Over 50 Artist Kits on CLOSEOUT (60% Off!)
  • ALL of our Animal & Fantasy Kits on CLOSEOUT (50% Off!)
  • MUCH of our Premium Mohair on CLOSEOUT (30% OFF!)
  • 23 different Eyes on CLOSEOUT (40% OFF!)
  • ALL of our Fabric on CLOSEOUT (40% OFF!)
  • 36 other items on CLOSEOUT (50% OFF!)

Come get 'em while still available!

Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

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Is it those specific colors of HP Babylocks that won’t be restocked or the brand won’t be restocked? Will you start to stock other high quality German glass eyes colors?


You know this is going to stir up questions and fears :pleading_face:

This put me in more of a panic than empty store shelves

What are future plans for carrying quality eyes and hair?

Are y’all planning on focusing on silicones and realborns?

Slowly weaning us from supplies all together before everything is gone and you close forever??? :scream::scream::scream:

Trying to stay calm and breathe


Great deals some items I need to order but $0 at moment and when I get paid I have to pay car insurance I hope I can do a little order though soon

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Lots of older sculpts im sad to see go!


I’m so upset that I missed Gabriel!


I had 2 in my cart yesterday and went back today and he was out of stock. :cry:

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He has my favorite face of all.

I’m glad I bought Lexi yesterday, looks like I was just in time!

Yeah… they just keep adding more and more. Makes me wonder if they will wind up closing down. :confused::pensive:


I’m really sad the piglets are being discontinued. :cry: I never got a chance to grab Petal kits for my kiddos and they were such a great realistic sculpts.


It’s really a lot that’s disappearing. I’m also really sad about Kitten and Fawna. I still want to make them at some point.
And the clowns are already disappearing? They haven’t even been out that long. Glad I got those when I could.


It’s been really confusing because some of the kits that were being discontinued before they made the announcement are no longer included in the close out sale but are still on sale so I’m wondering if they are still being discontinued. There is so much chaos it feels like someone hacked the store and is punking us. For example dumplin and willow flower were included earlier in the week and now they aren’t… they also weren’t added to the discontinued page while the others were so were they put there by mistake? More have been added and now the discontinued page looks like this

There also aren’t any pictures on the more information page for some kits anymore so you can’t see what the kits look like :flushed:

Like shouldn’t this have all been set up behind the scenes and gone live when they made the announcement?

I’d be more freaking out if they didn’t just come out with silicones… but maybe they will just be doing those?

@bountifulbaby can we get more info on what is truly being discontinued?

Do I need to defrost my credit card so I will still have kits to paint a year from now :pleading_face:


I noticed they updated their discontinued kit page and it really seems like they are discontinuing a lot of kits. Discontinued Kits - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

I was sad to see Fei Yen is discontinued :sob: I adore her and Libby’s chubbiness. I hope BB isn’t going out of business.


Oh no I missed Lulu. And many others are kits I painted, loved, and they sold well for me. I really do not want to paint silicone and am sorry to see so many vinyl kits discontinued. However, I know times are difficult and BB needs to do what they have to for survival of business. I hope that this does not mean they are closing.


I missed lulu too.

Lexi was OOS yesterday, as was Leah, but now they are back in stock. Keep checking for Lulu. I must grab Ella with her sweetheart lips. Love her. Maybe another Violet and Jewel.

So so sad I wasn’t able to grab Caleb

I think they’re moving to only stocking Realborns. OR They’re getting rid of the artist kits on the retail site and only selling artist kits to the wholesale site.
Perhaps both?

I’ve spent so much on shipping this last week - I waited overnight to purchase a kit and it was gone the next day, so I’ve been adding to cart and checking out. Then in the morning I get another email about more kits being added and they’re more kits I want. I wish they’d just put all the kits on the discontinued sale that they’re planning on discontinuing. Feels like they’re purposefully drawing it out to maximize their profit on shipping :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I don’t have a wholesale account and can’t seem to get to the regular store. Even when I type it in, it reverts back to the wholesale site. :thinking: