Craft Show success!

I did my first craft show yesterday. I took 8 babies and sold 3. I was so excited and yet at the same time sad to see my little ones go!! I know I can say that here cause you all know what I’m talking about. HeHeHe It was so much fun. I even had several people ask me to make a special one or two for them. I turned them down at this point because I feel like I’m not good enough yet. I got alot of real positive comments which helped build my confidence. I tend to be a perfectionist and put alot of pressure on myself to do a good job. I had made six babies and sold all on e-bay so this was the first time to hear actual people comment on them. If it wasn’t for this forum and getting so much information here I wouldn’t have gotten to this points. Thank you all for sharing all you ideas and information. I’ll post pics altho they were taken in not too good lighting at the show.

Here are pics of the 3 babies that sold

Congratulations on your sales!

Congrat’s on the sales, I wish we had something like that going on around here. I really need to sell some babies for xmas money now that hubby got laid off.

nice babies. congrats on your sales, what a nice way to boost ones confidence. normajean, i love your baby in red.

Congratulations and I am glad you had good success!


I see you are a fellow Okie… which part of Oklahoma are you in? I’m in the Tulsa area

Thank you all very much. I did have so much fun talking with everyone about my babies. There is a large craft show here in the summer that I think I will plan on doing too. With BB’s deal of the day I’ve been able to pick up several very cute doll kits!!

Hi Casey! Great job! Yay another Okie! I’m in the Keystone lake area. Are you close to me or Kimm?
ps where did you find a craft show? Lol

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…There is a large craft show here in the summer that I think I will plan on doing too. …

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Where are you getting the information on the craft shows in the area? I would love to try doing one (not with reborn babies but other items)

Okay…I’m an Okie too…we really need to get together sometime! Congratulations on your sales! That’s exciting, but I know what you mean about being sad to see them go. Where was your craft show?

Hi Okie Girls,
I live in Alva which is close to the panhandle and the Kansas border. The craft show I did this weekend is one that we have in town that is done every year. The big craft show we have in the summer is called The Nescatunga Festival (which is also done yearly) and people from all over the state come as well as others. I’m excited about doing it since my babies were accepted so well this weekend. I have a message on my answering machine from a lady that bought one of my babies this weekend and she wants 2 more. I’m glad that people really like my babies!! I was so afraid that no one would like them!