Craft fair Qs

Since May was born I’ve barely had time to reborn but still have a load of kits to do so have decided now she is bigger once summer comes I should have more time on my hands. I don’t want to travel far so instead of doing a doll show I think a local craft fair in October or November would be my most realistic goal.

I’ve bought a few terry towelling baby bath supports (£1.24 each in Tescos!) to display them without the bulk of cushions for transporting and a dozen baby brush sets at 36p which I will repackage and put in gift bags with some nappies and other bits. I’m going to keep a spreadsheet of how much the materials cost to make them to keep track.

My only worries now are my reborns will be quite highly priced compared to other craft items so I think I need a few lower cost items (other than the gift bags and bald babies), do I do birth certificates for the babies and do I assemble them all on the same day so they are ‘newer’ than if I assemble them as I go? whats the politest way of stopping people (especially children) mauling my babies? how do people take their babies home? and should I offer layaway?

Any advice greatfully received

I do a number of craft shows during the fall and winter and I offer a variety of dolls - -11" Berenguers, 16" Berenguers and then the full-sized babies. So I have a range of prices - the really small dolls for children and the full-sized for the collectors. I give an adoption certificate, first photo and the baby is wrapped in a blanket and I ask the customer if they would like to carry the baby as is or if they would like it boxed. Usually children will carry it as is (which is great advertising) and women sometimes, too.

Very often I have people pass by my table and tell me that they saw someone carrying one of my babies.


Thanks for the advice, do you fully reborn the childrens ones or just blush and root? Do you change the body & eyes? Berenguers are as expensive as the cheap kits here in the UK but there are a few fake sleeping sucky lips about with 1/4 limbs which are only £5 so may do a couple of those. I may still do a couple of 16" berenguers but with all the work involved stripping them and the harder vinyl I’m not sure.

I’ve decided to do a sign which says ‘please do not disturb the babies. Fragile handle with care’ and if babies are tiered so the cheap ones are at the front it will hopefully not be too much of a worry.

On the 11" Berenguers I blush them, tip the nails (sometimes I change out the eyes) and I give them those little full-cap wigs. I don’t give them lashes, but pencil them in instead and dress them in Rosalina dresses. The outfit they come with I include as a second outfit.

On the 16" Berenguers I blush them, tip the nails, change the eyes, give them lashes and wigs and weight them, diaper them and dress them in those cute Rosalina dresses.

they both get blankets which I sew out of cute flannel baby prints.


If I can ask, what price ranges do you charge for the wigged berenguers? I love the idea as I did have many children wanting a “baby” of their own during my last craft show but many of the parents of course were not up for even spending $100.00+

If you can not discuss it, that is okay. I understand. I am just hoping for an idea.