Cracked vinyl

I am working on BB’s Sydney and noticed on her wrist and arm the vinyl has cracked!!! I noticed it while I was tipping her nails. What could cause this? I am wondering if there is a way to fix it. I am so disappointed.


Take some pictures and contact BB. Sounds like a problem with the vinyl.

I had couple of kits that cracked; one of them was too bad and I got replacement from the German company, the others I just carefully put some E6000 glue in the crack, held it tight together, rubbed off any excess glue and it was fine.

I would think that it would that it would be hard to sell a baby with a crack even if it is repaired. Hard enough to sell a perfect doll.

I wouldn’t try to sell her with the vinyl like that. I guess I will use her for a practice kit. Think I may call bountiful baby and at least ask why the vinyl would crack like that. I am very disappointed as I put a lot of work and time into her. I’m getting ready to start on a different kit hopefully with better luck this time.


i had a heather that started cracking on my final bakes , it was nothing i did it was just that mix of vinyl…bb was the greatest about it …take photos and email them with pix attached…i’m sure they’ll sort it