Could y'all share this please


This is a link to a news story from my home. This homeless man is in critical condition and authorities are trying to locate any family. They say he has a Northern accent. This man is always in my thoughts and prayers even though I’ve never spoken to him. He is very reclusive and won’t seek help apparently. I always look for him when I drive over his way. I am heartbroken right now.


Devastating :cry: keep us updated.


I’m so sad to report that my homeless man passed this evening at 6:32. His name is still unknown.


Oh that breaks my heart!! He has got to have family somewhere out there. I pray they find some answers as to whom he is. He deserves to be recognized as to whom he is.


@Countrycradlereborns, I agree. I know that there are enough people in my town who recognize him that we could at least contribute to a proper burial. But he was not known to have conversations with anyone and would refuse help. So, no one really knows much about him. Some have said they heard he was a veteran.


He very well could have been. In going to share it on facebook and see if I can help bring peace to his soul. I don’t normally feel a connection with most people but his story almost draws me in. I gotta help any way I can.


Thank you :heart:


That is indeed sad. If he was a Veteran then they have his fingerprints and blood type. Saying prayers for that brave man.


He has been identified as Arthur Pinish and he lived in New York at one time. The coroner is looking for help to find any family.