Could use some prayers-life falling apart


Try calling Red Cross or United way (211) They may be able to give you some resources to finding a place.


Actually the rent is more than a house payment would be. I do not really make enough money to cover the rent right now even if it was big enough.


I do not qualify for Section 8 I tried that route also. I don’t qualify for anything unless I lose my job. If you make over $800 a month you don’t get anything in the state of Michigan. They don’t care if you make enough to actually survive or not


So basically I’m in that spot where I don’t make enough to live but I make too much to get any type of assistance. And I can’t get a different place to live because of my credit which is the result of all of my student loan debt. It’s like I’m stuck between several rocks and Several Hard places


Rent is usually more than a house payment. They factor in upkeep, repairs, taxes and insurance for rent. However if you have debt to settle now it could put you at a substantially higher interest rate expecially without a good down payment.


Sorry, I have one tactic that helped me-beg. When we sold our house yrs ago had to find someplace to live for 3 months. We had an 80 lb dog and cat. No one wants to lease for 3 months and some that would were crawling with roaches and drug dealers. I was at my wits end. I found a place but when I told her about my dog she said no. I dropped to my knees and pleaded with her. My dog would be no problem, I knew that. She agreed and everything worked out. I bought her a thank you gift when we said goodbye. She was a godsend my kids were small. I just wanted someplace safe. Maybe you’ll encounter someone that will be willing to help you as she did me. Is there anyone that can help out as a reference or maybe cosign as a back up?

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I have a few grand for a down payment. The money was supposed to be used for maternity leave since I’m considered self employed and have no benefits. However, I’ll have to like use it for a down payment if I ever find a place. No place cares that I make enough to pay a mortgage and have a down payment. It’s all about the debt. And I can’t just pay off 100 grand in student loans over night. The system is set up against anyone who tried to get an education, at least in my field. It’s not right.


Contact the student loan company and ask for a deferred payment. I was able to put my payments on hold for a few years with no interest after my divorce. I think they called it a hardship deferment.


I can only imagine the stress, but I truly wish the best for you and your children. I live in Michigan as well, and know how difficult finding rentals are in the first place, especially with little credit to back you up. There were few places we could find that would overlook our credit. Our only luck was finding a home the owner was renting, but it was in a bad area of town. We stayed for 2 years while our children were still very young, by the grace of God my mother in law devided to move to Lansing and let us stay in her house she owns near Kalamazoo. I have been seeing more homes for rent by owner lately, which would be ideal with your credit situation. Depending on your area, check craigslist daily. There is bound to be “the one” at some point! You might have some luck posting in local sales sites on Facebook, describing your rental needs. The more people that see it, the more likely there is someone that rents or knows someone with a rental that will work out.
Keep your head up though, we are all rooting for you!


I don’t know about Michigan but the waiting list for Section 8 in my area of California is 6-10 YEARS.


You can do this

I was living in texas once and had to move. I had no money. None. I lived on SSI of 698$ a month.
I found a man in GA online who was renting a 2 bedroom house. I called him and explained that I had no money but I needed help and could pay rent on the 1st of each month once I found a place.
He let me move in with no money.
When I moved in I had no electric or water. It was July.
I took a walk through town and went into a Walgreens to cool off. I just happened to sit next to a man who offered me a ride home.
Once we got to my house he noticed I didn’t have lights. He took me to the store and bought me a cooler. Ice. Drinks and snacks.

The next day he took me to the local community center. They paid to turn on my water and electric.
Over the next few weeks I got involved with that mans church. They furnished my home for me over time.

Never give up. You can get through. :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Try to get a farmers home (rent goes by income). Or a low income apt. It might be cheaper to buy a home.