Could use some prayers-life falling apart


Hi ladies,
I’ve been sort of MIA for a while. Life continues to throw curve balls my way and we could use some prayers.
I was divorced from my ex who cheated for 2 years hen kicked me out, in January. I met someone who I though was a great guy last summer a couple months after the ex tossed me out. In Hindsight I should have stayed single. We dated for a while and things were great. He claimed to be a good Christina man and I beleive him. Then I became pregnant and he changed. He proposed in March despite his changed behavior and coldness. He convinced me to take lower paying and less stressful job since I would be moving in with him the end of this month. I trusted him completely so I did just that. I had been moving stuff into his house for months with his help. Then four days ago he ruined our world. He decided he no longer wanted us in his home and wanted his unborn son put up for adoption. I am left with little money and no place to go as I can’t afford my rent. I’m trying to find something cheaper but rent is a lot everything. He has bailed and wants nothing to do with us (my two children ages 5 and 3 whom call him step dad and call his kids their step siblings). All four kids have bonded together and were excited to become a family. The kids had shared rooms set up and a baby nursery ready to go.
His parents who pay for his massive half million dollar home are backing him. He fooled everyone into thinking he was some great guy. He also says he does not care how I feel. He told me to leave him alone.
Yesterday I had the flu all day and almost went into labor due to dehydration. Today I got into a car accident after someone pulled out in front of me. They ripped my front bumper off. Then they came up to my window and called me a “dumb Effing C word” in front of my kids and they threatened to beat me. Tbey said we don’t care if you’re pregnant, you need your A beat!
And now I’m stuck with a grand in repairs.

I feel like life is just going down hill. What’s left? What else will happen? I can hardly keep moving. I feel like my feet are stuck in cement while a bus is coming my way and I can’t move. Why does bad keep being drawn to me? I don’t understand.

Maybe prayers would help? I just need this insanity to stop. Please pray we can afford to buy a home and not lose it and that I’ll keep my job through all of this. I have no one to help. It’s just me. I’m scared I’ll lose my kids and be homeless.


I forgot to add, I am keeping my son. I wont listen to his dead beat dad and give him up. He is loved and wanted.


Oh Man! I am so sorry to hear all this crap is hitting at once :frowning:


So sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Praying for God’s Abundant Blessings !!!


Wow! You have had it tough!!! Stay strong and believe that life WILL get better. Hug your children and know they love and need you.


Prayers that things will turn around. Keep your head up. I’m sorry you are going through all of that especially while pregnant.


Good Lord! What a terrible situation to be in - I’m so sorry you’re going through this!!!
I am GLAD, though, that you’re keeping your baby!

I don’t know HOW someone could treat a person like this, it’s very sad!!!


I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a terrible time in your life! Sending lots of prayers!


Sending lots of positive energy your way. Stay strong things may seem as if it’s hitting you all at once but it won’t be like that always. I keep this above my paint station.


Many prayers sent your way! Life sure can be rough and it seems that bad things pile up all at once. Stay strong!!!


We all think we have problems but lady you the one with the problems. I’m so very sorry. I will be praying for you. Be strong it will get better.


Just know you are in peoples prayers try to keep strong hold your children close you are not alone it just seems that way when life get rough.
Reach out to faith based groups in your area for help and advise as to what help is available to you where you live there are such people waiting to help you just need to find them and reach out for there help.
Gods blessings to you and your children


I’m so sorry you are dealing with this.

A bit of practical advice. When life hit me like that. (I have a long history of abuse and homelessness)
I know it’s hard. But you can overcome. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: the first thing you need is a plan of attack. Are there any churches. Charities that can help? You need a place to live. Call the social security administration. They have TANF. Temporary assistance for needy families. They can help you get a place and money for food.
If you need the number or info let me know.

You are in my prayers. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Sending prayers you way be strong for all your kids things will get better!


Yes, churches usually have someone there to help you no matter what your denomination or not. I pray that you find your way. When help comes don’t deny it let God’s Angles assist you. Things will be alright. A lot of us have been there. So we will help in any way we can. Stay strong! It will get better!


So sorry you are going through all of this :disappointed_relieved:


Im so sorry life is beating you up right now. I always try to tell myself that there must be a reason, there must be a light at the end of the tunnel and a reason it has to hurt to get through it.
I also can’t help but strongly encourage you to make sure that man pays for his son. He can wish that baby away all he wants but its not going to happen and he has do his part. Social services will help you I’m sure you know. I see so many women recently like my ex husbands nieces, having babies with these guys who leave them and it makes me sick that they never get any child support from them, its not right. My husband has always paid for his daughter who was conceived right before we started dating. Even though he wasn’t even romantically involved with her Mother, he still had unprotected sex and, as an adult, we know what that means. She turns 18 in July and just graduated high school and she is coming to stay with us so she can attend university here in France (she was raised in Alabama by her mother who recently passed away too young).
Just try to keep your chin up and make sure you have all your bases covered. Don’t feel badly relying on the kindness of friends, family or even strangers. Its so hard to be single Mom…I did it for several years with my first three, with very low income or resources…it was probably one of the most difficult times in my life but also the best because in that time I really learned some valuable life lessons and I learned so much about myself that I could not have learned any other way.


God has a plan for you. Keep going forward and trust that things would get better. Sometimes our life become chaotic for a reason. It is not easy, but when we are off the path God has plan for us things dont go as we wish. Take time pray and lithing he would guide you. You are doing the right thing :two_hearts:
I pray that your journey is fast and things get better for you and your children.
God Bless you and your family.


look around for help with different churches, local trustees office apply for subsidised housing. not sure in you area but if you dial 211 in my area it will give you a list of places to look for help.
hugs and many prayers


Praying for you and your little family. This too shall pass. :pray:t2: