Could not wait to share

Wow is she alot of work!!! She is not done yet her head is just sitting thier not attached, the hair sealer is still drying and I did not style her hair that great yet till the sealer dries but I could not wait to take a couple of pictures Hope she looks okay…

Gina J

She is beautiful!

She is kissably cute
Love her little outfit, forget spring she looks ready for summer (so am I. LOL!)

I think she is adorable!! I love that sculpt! She can come to my house.

She is adorable! You must have been working hard on her.

Thank You So Much !!! It is so nice to hear what everyone thinks She is a hard one to work on but I loved it !! It is pretty fun dressing her up I have three outfits for her I might not get to picture taking till Wed. if the weather holds out ( I can’t wait for summer too!! ) I will share some more pictures after I take them.


Gina J

very cute girl,lovely hair to,

Aww, she is adorable, BOL, lovely indeed.
CArmen in nj