Could Arianna Ever be a BOY?

Do ya think??? Or is that sculpt strictly girl?


She could definitely be a boy.

I would love to see one done as a boy. I am in need of a toddler to be made into a boy.


I saw a couple as a boy on Ebay, really cute!!

Yep, I’ve seen a few on ebay that were really cute as boys. It definitely can be done.

I looked, but didn’t find any


Yep, I think Arianna is a cute boy also. I’ve seen a few of them on ebay.
And here is another cute boy one: … start%3D60

The first one that was posted, by Nearly Newborn Nursery, is so cute! They’re all super adorable. I love Arianna as a boy and as a girl!

Wow, I’m about to say I like him better as a boy!

No offense to Reva (how could I ever!), but I’m not a big fan of Ariella and Arianna’s protruding chins, but seeing all of these pictures of boy Ariannas I kinda like the way they turned out!

Wow - thanks for pointing all these boys out to me. I REALLY like this sculpt as a boy - and for this reason: I think they all have their own look. The girls all seem too much alike (maybe it’s all those ‘blondies’.


Yes, very cute as a boy!

wow cute as a boy! Kim I love your Samiah.