Convection Oven?

Hi all so my bday is coming up and my husband keeps asking what I want. What I want is an small overn to bake my dolls but what is it called? I know it’s not a toaster over. I think it’s a convection oven but evey one I see looks small. I’m wondering what you all use if you user something other than your houshold oven

I bought this convection oven from Amazon about six weeks ago and I love it! Haven’t used my oven since. Of course, I can’t give you a long-term opinion, but so far…so good! … 726&sr=8-1

this is the one I use, it holds up to a good size 22 inch baby. anything bigger I have to bake in my kitchen oven. it works great for me…
is a GE convection oven.
Carmen in nj