Contest Baby Parade!

So many of you have been secretly working on beautiful masterpieces for Rose and/or IDTS. There may not be any contests to enter anymore, but I say you’re all winners! Show us your lovely creations so we can give you the applause you deserve. :clap:


What a great idea!

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I love this!!

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This is thoughtful of you! How fun!


None of mine are finished yet :laughing: can I share WIP here?



I was thinking the same thing :grin:

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Here is a WIP of my Lanny, many layers yet to go. Only a cellphone pic, I Just popped his eyes in real fast so as not to look as creepy. These are 22mm oval. Kit call for 22, but curious if I did 24mm oval how they might look. Of course i don’t have any to test out.


He’s gorgeous!!

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Thank you so much! I fell in love with this sculpt the first time I saw it. I knew he would be my competition baby because he stole my :heart: heart!

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I am working in my Dawn Syndrome baby Vince whom I absolutely love to pieces and he always makes me smile with his contaiges smile, and my ethnic Asian baby River by Toner - she is so serious, but I adore her. They both in the early stages, so nothing to show yet.


I have been dying to know who you were painting, I should have known it was Vince because he stole your heart :grin::heart:.


LOL, now you know :wink: You know that by accident (although there is no accidents in the Universe) I started to follow DS group #theluckyfew on IG. And I am in love with every single child there, including their courageous parents. :heart: