Congratulations to pia!

Congratulations Pia on a beautiful, beautiful job in the baby pageant! Everyone’s baby was beautifully done and I look forward to the next showcase of talent!

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Well done, Pia! Congrats!

Congratulations girl! Well done!
All the babies were very beautifully done and you all should be very proud of your work.

Congrats to a job well done

I posted over in the voting thread but I will also say:


Congratulations Pia on such a beautiful baby.

Congrats PIA Beautifully done and well deserved !!!

Thanks ladies… I am reluctant to “blow my own horn” so I appreciate your messages VERY much… It means alot to me that someone individualized my win for me… and the next time I enter…no one will know it and it will be advanced!!

— Begin quote from “New Beginnings”

I love your new siggy. Girl, you just keep getting better and better!

— End quote

Thanks Lynn… I have been trying to do a collage since Photobucket eliminated theirs… I have resized this 3 times… the first one was as big as the whole page!! I was a little embarrased by that one… I think this is a better “siggy” size…

Pia, great job, great work! Everyone who entered is a winner IMO!