Congrats to JEN of Bunker Babies!

Wow !!! She kicked butt, I love her!!


WTG Jen!!!
Please don’t forget all us little people now that your famous!!!

WOW Jen!! That is one awesome baby…you deserve every cent of her sell price!


She’s gorgeous! Congratulations on her sale…she’s worth every penny!

d i t t o !!!

Wow, that’s awesome! Beautiful baby!!!

she is beautiful!!! i love her babies !!! that one is stunning too!!! i am so happy for you jen!!!

Way to go Jen!!! Congrats on an awesome sale!

Yay!!! Huge congrats, Jen!!! That baby is beyond stunning!!! You deserved even more for her!!!

Congratulations on a great sale.

Your baby is beautiful and congrats on an awesome auction!!!


Congrat’s Jen I was watching that beautiful baby. Way to go!!!

Congratulations Jen! She is beautiful.

Thank you ladies!!!
I was floored, I have never had anyone fight for one of my babies like that before. Most of those bids came from a zero feedback and someone with only four feedback. I felt really bad for the one that did not win she was so determined and another lady came in and sniped her up.
She said she was heartbroken So she wants me to do a custom for her.

If any one has a Shyann kit they are willing to sell me PLEASE let me know. I am willing to pay extra for it too

Congratulations Jen. She is TDF.


Wow!! She is sooo gorgeous!! HUGE congratulations to you!!

Thank you ladies for your support!

congratulations!!! she is gorgeous!

Jen this is true Artistry, in reborning! Perfect sculpt, coloring, hair and outfit for her! Those eyes…are what make her so realistic, absolutely
beautiful! Congratulations, hon you deserve it , just proved one can sell
big time on ole Ebay!!! woo-hoo! Good for you!

awwww you all are so sweet, I am honored