Confused again

Good afternoon :smiley:
Could any of you kind people tell me which pen I can use to map hair
Thanks in advance wendy

i dont use a pen. im using a beige prisma pencil

I just use children’s washable liquid crayons. I always test them first on my practice head, and only use the lightest colors.

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I like the idea of the washable crayons.

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a white gel pen…just whips off with a minor rub.

I use the white pencil that is sold in the sewing department for marking fabric. It marks best if you dampen the head first and then it does come off very easily. I usually remap as I go.

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I use the white chalk Taylor’s pencil.

I be that is what mine is called too!

Yes Pia, they may be the same. I pulled mine out of my sewing box. Since I have done other crafts and I also sew I have always had these pencils, like forever.

I just use white children’s chalk. It rubs off as I work so I just redraw the lines. That’s no biggie.
It’s cheap and I know I’ll never have lines that decided to NOT wash off. I learned my lesson with one of the
dark prisma pencils. :frowning:

Thank you so much for your reply this is what I am afraid of ( putting dark lines on the vinal ) I have some practice limbs I will try on those