Computer Saavy? PLEASE HELP!

OK, here I am, looking the thousands of pictures in my picture section on my computer, and I decide now would be a good morning to delete some of my old doll pics from a couple years ago. I open up a folder of Sofias baby pictures from 2007, so in case I see any family/kid pics I can move them in there before I delete the doll folder…well. one folder was taking an awful long tome to delete, and I notice it said it had deleted over 2500 items, so I hit cancel. All my folders up to 2008 are gone! All my babies pictures…GONE. They are not in the recylcle bin. I read that if you hold the shift key, it bypasses the recycle bin. I’m really a wreck here…so stupid to keep everything in my computer, I know. I have been slowly printing pics through photo, but hadn’t gotten up to when Sofia was born yet.
PLEASE if anybody knows what to do, please email me!!!
I feel so stupid for doing this…I don’t even know what I did.

do you have xp try restoring back a few days

oh no! I am so sorry this happened to you! I lost all my pics once when I had a virus. I did a search for all image files and was able to find them. The folders they were in were gone. Maybe you could try that. I hope you can find them.

My uncle is a computer guy. I will give him a call later today and see what he says.

I have Vista, and no, the images are not there. There are only like 200 items in my recycle bin, and my computer deleted over 2000! Crap! The first year of her life, just gone! You know I had some fam pics on a mem card, and my son put it in his DS and now it won’t open the pics…says the memory card is locked. So, who knows…there may be pictures on there, but I don’t even know. What a mess! Why didn’t I print out any pictures for 2 years!!! What the heck is wrong with me! I di have a few pics of Sofie in my photobucket, but not many.

Have you tried a “System Restore” where you put your computer back as many days as the chart shows? I had something like this happen and the “System Restore” brought everything back. Go to your “accessories” and then click onto “system restore” and follow the directions. Let us know if this works.

             Jeanne from Ohio

I could just cry for you, Lara! But get on the phone to a reputable pc guy and tell him your story…a pc whiz might be able to get back your pics! Often times you “think” it’s gone, but the info is still on your computer…you just don’t know how to find it! Good Luck!

i know on my cards there is a little slide tab that locks ond unlocks… i found that out after buying card after card because it said locked. just slide the tab

Oh Lara, I am so sorry for you…I don’t know anything about computers though, so I am no help there…my hubby always fixes everything I mess up.

I was so afraid of that happening to us too, so we bought a laci, it looks like a huge lego, and we store all the kids pictures in it…now we just bought 2 more, one because the first one is almost full, and the other to copy, so we will be doubling up on all the pictures…and that one we are going to put into a fire proof safe…just incase. I know that doesn’t help your situation now, but maybe a good idea for future pictures

I really hope you can get those pictures back!!!

Call a computer repair place and ask them what you can do. It seems like even though it says it is gone, it is still there. That is how the cops are able to find stuff that has been deleted off computers. I would be sick.

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Have you tried a “System Restore” where you put your computer back as many days as the chart shows? I had something like this happen and the “System Restore” brought everything back. Go to your “accessories” and then click onto “system restore” and follow the directions. Let us know if this works.

             Jeanne from Ohio

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Tried that, and it did not restore deleted photos…

there are programs that you can get to recover photos and files off your hard drive, even deleted and a restored hard drive they can still be recovered, no hard drive is safe unless it’s in a 1000 peices You can also recover photos off a memory card. Sorry Hubby has been a pc geek since he was 9 I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to lol

you can try this web site, I’m not sure if you have to pay or not

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Hi Lara!

Remember, nothing is ever permanently deleted on a computer unless the hard drive is wiped. I good tech can get them back. But, try this first. Go to start, my computer and in the search bar type:

".jpg and hit search also try "”.bmp and search

Most photos are these types of files. I hope that helps. I thought I had deleted my little ones pictures once, but did manage to find them this way. If you do find them, get a CD and burn a copy of them on that disc so this can’t happen again. Good luck!


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Yes. That is exactly what I was trying to suggest, but I don’t think I explained it well enough. I did call my uncle and he said that you can definitely get them back. He also said do not do the system restore. He also suggested downloading the free software called recover my files. I haven’t tried to look it up myself , but I will try it out after I pick Elena up from school.

And go buy an external backup… I learned that regular CDs deteriorate quite rapidly unless you buy newer special CDs! Some of my backup CDs are over 5 yrs old, so are probably no good.

But everything in my files and photos are now saved on a backup plugged into my computer. It also constantly updates… I thought it was a lot of money, but my instructor convinced me. Now your story makes me realize what a good thing it is.

Sure hope you can recover those precious photographs. Good Luck!

OMG! I would be shattered. SO if you get them back let us know right away. I’m holding my breath and its getting hard. My cheeks hurt! I knew there was a good reason I always loved Geeks. I’m crossing my fingersand my toes too. I bet there is a way. Leave it to the pros. It’s worth the $. Then get them printed and backed up. Don’t you just hate lifes little value lessons?

Lara, I just prayed that you would get your photos back.

I’m married to an electronic engineer (read computer nerd) and when all else fails - God works wonders. Although I would follow all the advice given before this reply.

Whatever you do, do not rephrag, refrag, rewrite, redo your computer until you find those pictures. Where are the police when you really need them to find that hidden stuff in your house?

We need a happy face with a magnifying glass!

I found about 100 of them stuck in the video section. Sofie at the hospital, coming home, and Christmas. I am still missing parts of 2006 and early 2007, but my husband has lots of photos from them on his computer, so I’m ok with that. I am uploading EVERY picture to Walmart photo, and once a week I will order about 50 prints and start putting them in albums. I would never wish this on anybody!
Thanks for all your prayers.
Here’s a couple pictures that were recovered. My twins seeing their baby sister for the first time at the hospital: