Completed Jack by Kewy


Edited: I just completed him!

I’d like to see how he looks on a body too if possible. :slight_smile: :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Still needs hair, lashes and gloss but here’s a WIP.


He’s really cute! Do you find his arms to be too long? I haven’t painted him, because in all the photos I’ve seen online it looks like his arms are super long


@MilosMeadows Thank you and his kit looks better in person. His arms and legs fit perfectly on the 22” body I bought from dollssoreal. His head may be a tad small. Idk but overall I like him a lot. I can’t wait to finish him.


Awesome! I’m glad he’s more proportional in person, cause he’s a super cute kit that I’ve considered getting many times but I couldn’t get over how weird his arms looked in his prototypes.


@MilosMeadows MacPherson has him on sale for 49.99 :+1:t3:


I am that way with Faber kits. :confused:


Still needs gloss.