Come meet my new baby!


Thank you @marrabo My little Tadpole is Awesome! I am in love! Now I’ve got to go shopping!


Oh I love the little booties !! now why didn’t I think about that :smile: I am so happy he has his real mommy now .


Yes he is in his/her forever home! I may let my daughters babysit - maybe! I am crazy about Tadpole!


Oh now that is SO COOL!!!


AW how sweet Thank you !


@katieperry Thank you
@marrabo No thank you, I am so happy!!! I have a Boyd’s Bear in a Frog suit and I can’t find him but when I do I’ll happily post more pice, lol!


Your so welcome @Anne and that bear will go so good with Tadpole !


That is so cute! Love the lily pad. :grin:


Thanks! @DollyPardon
@marrabo works wonders with yarn. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations @Anne!!! He is the cutest ever!! That lily pad is so creative!


He’s so Cute :frog:I love the crochet lilly pad and Lilly’s also the lil hat and booties!:two_hearts::frog:


Thank you, he has been a big hit with my family!


Sharing one more pic from @marrabo