Combine shipping bb please help

Hi I made an order 20 mins ago but I need something else I emailed bb just a moment ago but in the meantime does anyone know if they will combine the shipping for me?

Problem is that they have a minimum order amount and if you don’t catch them to add it to your other order it will have to meet the minimum… You probably should pick up a phone and call them. I think they are open long hours… Good luck.

Oh ok I guess I will just have to pass I wanted the kameko but no I guess

Someplace I read that if you place an order and within that day change something, call them and they can try to change it before it gets processed.

They work very quickly thus we get our stuff quick. But if you place a call within a few minutes I think you will be able to beat the fast service! LOL I know a couple of people who have had success with this.
good luck