Combination hair

So I’m trying to practice my rooting and hair painting and I feel like I’m doing decently. Problem now is poor little Irelyn has such wavy hair (wish it matched better to the painted hair) that I’m not sure how to style it once I’ve got it glued. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!


I would start cutting small amounts until you are happy with the length. Your hair looks to have curl in it, it would be adorable spritz with water and curled around your finger.

At the top is an hourglass that you can put hair cutting into it and search and a whole bunch of information comes up. I will also recommend searching on youtube. This is a diagram I follow from Little Wren’s Nest when I have finished rooting: Hair growth and cut diagram

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You are welcome!!

Jackie Ortiz has a great video on YT of her cutting and styling rooted hair.

I use that video. My Ivy’s hair turned out great, although I think it keep hair too long. Mine is down to my waist, but I love long hair. My little granddaughters and daughter also have waist length hair.

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