Combi-hair help


I’ve drawn some prisma colour hair on my current project and I’m having an issue with the pencil not sticking in one spot. I also plan to root a bit of hair and was wondering if baking will set prisma hair or if I will have to varnish before rooting. You lot have a wealth of knowledge to share and I greatly appreciate it.


I would varnish before rooting. I’ve had prisma come off pretty easily even after a few bakes.


Thank you.


Also if you varnish, your pencil might start to stick in that one spot


I varnish the head and bake. Draw the prisma varnish bake and root.


That’s my plan. I just hope the varnish doesn’t end up too thick. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:


I’m really hoping so. Once I applied the varnish the color became less vibrant. I was careful not to smudge it though. More layers it shall be.


Keep it thin with thinner. With all the coats it doesn’t need to be a final varnish like you would do at the very end :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. Other than a questionable color match, I’m very pleased with the results.