Comb + hair = disaster! Help please!


So my daughter and/or my niece (not sure which since they won’t confess lol) decided to comb my sister’s doll’s hair and somehow got the comb stuck. Does anyone have any tips as to how to remove this comb without pulling out the hair? I really don’t want to have to reroot her, and my sister would prefer not to give her bangs. We’ve both tried to untangle the comb but nothing’s worked so far. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Lots of detangler spray and try and remove the hair a few strands at a time. This happened to one of my kids before it took a few hours but I did not have to cut it.


You might be able to cut away some of the teeth of the comb.


Thanks, I’ll try cutting the comb and then spraying with detangler!


No more tears very heavy or make your own with good conditioner and water in a spray bottle. Spray heavy and work it in with your fingers. If should start sliding out.


Break the comb into pieces. Smaller pieces are more mnageable


Don’t use :peanuts: peanut butter!


Lolol I’ll try to remember that!


I’m full of helpful tips! :kiss::heart:️:grinning:


What’s the current status? Did you get the comb out of the hair?


Not yet, still working on it! I’ll post an update when I’m (hopefully) successful!


Success! Thanks to all the tips and encouragement, I was able to get the comb out, as well as the huge tangle that was left behind! And she hardly lost any hair! (Unfortunately the comb could not be saved lol)


What sculpt is this? I love her lips!


That’s Sally by Regina Swialkowski. Biggest baby I’ve ever made!