Colouring rooted mohair on my reborn

Hi Everyone, I wanted advice. I have a reborn with blonde rooted mohair and I’m wondering whether I could use air dry reborn paint to darken the mohair? Has anyone done this without spoiling their reborn?

I don’t think that would work. The paint isn’t made for hair. It would be a hard task to get it evenly covered and I assume it would all start sticking together.
Plus, you can’t paint the roots of the hair without touching the vinyl.
And since the hair is likely to touch the vinyl in the first place, you’d get paint all over the head and face.

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I do not think it would work either for all the reasons DeeDee said. What color are you wanting it to be?

I’d like it to be a light baby brown but it’s currently white blonde. Can you think of anything that might work rather than pulling it all out and having her rerooted?

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I am sorry, but I cannot think of anything that would not stain the vinyl. Maybe someone else will know of something.

Acrylic paint (air dry) would dry it out. Anything you would use that would work to dye the mohair is going to also dye the scalp of the doll and area around it.

Don’t do it!! You will ruin your doll, trust me I’ve done it!

Firstly you can’t just color mohair. I make plush dogs and when I made one from mohair and tried to shade it to the color of the real dog model. Nothing would stick to it, pencils, pastels and specialist fabric markers all rubbed straight off on anything it touched. Paint wouldn’t adhere to it and went into a sticky matted mess. You have to dye mohair to color it and of course you can’t once you’ve used it on something.

Second, I’ve actually done what you want to do. I had a doll whose mohair hair was lighter than I wanted so I shaded it with a mix of pencil and marker. I only did it lightly but I couldn’t avoid coloring the vinyl as well and it was noticeable. The result was it didn’t look right, the mohair went clumpy & tacky with a coarse OD’d on the hairspray feel, it never dried out so as soon as you touched the head you had stained hands (and the doll had stained clothes when I dressed her), and the pigment did something to the vinyl because her whole head turned yellow. Nothing but nothing would shift it, I even pulled the hair out and glued a wig on but the yellowing spread and I had to sell her cheap to someone who hopefully managed to fix her. I hope they did as I felt really bad for spoiling a good doll :anguished:.

Sell it and buy with a hair color that you like.

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If you really dislike the color you’ll probably be happiest if you have it re-rooted.


Are you joking around? Because this doesn’t make a lick of sense. Think of this… would you use the paint that you use on your dolls… on your hair?


If your doll is rooted sparsely you can root in between with the a darker shade. Mohair is actually a fiber and isn’t even “hair” so it requires a special acid dye; human-hair dye won’t work. But I second what @nikkiroc asked - are you just joking around or are you serious about wanting to color your reborn’s hair?

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