Colors for skin


What colors do I have to focus on, to get a Skin color near this?


This baby is painted by a very high end artist, so lots and lots and lots of practice to get this skill level.
Colors used will be varying as all artist paint different and alot mix their own colors.
You’ll need blues,reds,yellows,purples,white,black,green etc

Tons of thin layers built on top of each other, with mottling,blushing and good blending.
If you haven’t made a Reborn before, it’ll be hard to get this level of realism off the bat


I personally would just focus on learning to paint reborns at all insetad of achieving a specific look, all artists paint differently and its super important to find what works for you as it might not work for someone else and vise versa! try watching a few tutorials and learn techniques like mottling, washes, blushing, and so much more. All reborns have tons and tons of layers of paint and no straight colors will be able to achieve that affect.


I agree…Ive been painting for a couple years now and I am still learning and evolving. I keep challenging myself and trying new things, sometimes it doesnt work out all that great but thats art :wink: . Defintely dont try to copy someone elses work…take tips from wherever you can get them, keep practicing and you find your own niche.


Thank you both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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