Colors for inside the nose

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I know some reborners don’t open the nose but I do. I don’t paint inside the nose. I back it with black felt.

I open the noses, too, but I also paint the insides. I use the whatever I use for the creases.

I always paint in the nose as well…(I do open them from time to time but you should always paint inside the edges whether opened or not…) I shade in there with a darker crease colour as a part of a first layer I do before adding any flesh layers…then paint flesh layers and on the next detail layer, paint in the nostrils again…I use the dark creases colour I mixed earlier but add a tiny bit of lip colour to it to tone it down a bit so when you are painting towards the outer edge of the nostril (the part that will show the most) it makes it softer and more natural…then use a mop brush to ‘dab’ the nostril entrance to take off any harsh edges and blend it