Color of Bountiful Baby kits


Do all of the Bountiful baby kits come in the lighter vinyl color now. I like some of the older kits but wasn’t sure about the vinyl color. I don’t like the greyish color kits so much.


Yes, they’re all the light color now. The grey vinyl hasn’t been used in years, thankfully!


Thank you for answering, I took a few years off and wasn’t sure if all kits were lighter color now.


They don’t have to be neutralized now, do they?


Nope, not at all. They’re a very neutral color, and very light. Unless you want like a ghost or a porcelain doll look, no neutralizing is needed because the vinyl is very light on it’s own :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. That is what I thought and I have never tried to neutralize one… but I always wonder, you know?


I get it! I never neutralize anyway, not even the really pinky orange kits. I just paint as normal and color correct as I go. Too much work upfront :rofl: It’s why I don’t seal before I paint either, I’m too lazy to do it lol


Haha same here, I took over a decade off and ordered new kits and opened the box in shock lol The heads run smaller now too than long ago depending on how much time you took off.


I don’t know about all heads, and I wasn’t around when you were before, but the Realborns probably do have smaller heads as they are mostly newborn. Of course, they are getting older as they scan them and some of them have huge heads! Anyway, good to meet you here.