Color correction help needed


So I tried something a little different. I was trying to achieve a peachy sort of complexion but something went horribly wrong along the way lol. I think where I went wrong was starting with the primary base, idk, but now she’s orange and I can’t fix it. The contrasting color on the wheel is blue-green which I’ve tried 2 washes of and it didn’t really seems to help other than making her a more soft pastel version of orange.

My lighting isn’t capturing it accurately, she’s more orange than the photos show.


I feel for you regarding the orange. It creeps up in my work all the time; constantly fighting it. However, your baby doesn’t look that bad in the pics. Maybe try a very thin earth mint wash and then a few more thin blue washes if still needed.


Thank you, I’ll try the earth green and see if it help her.


Looking forward to how it goes.


I am not a fan of earth mint as it deadens the skin tones. I would do thin blue washes til the orange tones down. You can also mix a little berry red to your blue to make it slightly purple and do a thin wash of that if need be. The cool tones should help neutralize the warm tones looking orange.


I would probably go for a purple in this case.


She’s beautiful…I would try Crimson and or Purple.


I recently used Dioxazine Purple and a few touches of Ultramarine Blue, very thin, to tone down some orange in my Ethan’s skin tone.


Earth mint green always works for me , good luck.


been there, if you are going to use green to color correct be very light with it, you can end up with a grey/purply baby and that is hard to come back from.

I hate when that happens.

I would go with some pale to medium pale flesh washes to lighten up the orange and don’t use any salmon or orange blush or creasing.

Green does the trick but keep it super transparent and light application.