Color before baking

I’m wondering, after watching countless videos but patiently waiting for my supplies to arrive next week, if the color before you bake is the color it appears after baking? Will the color fade/intensify after curing? I will be using the premix Genesis paints.

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To me it seems the blue fades out if you do veins as a first or second layer. The Blush always gets redder to me.


Yikes! I was afraid of that :weary: I’m sure it’s all about keeping it light and adding instead of rushing the process - like a hair cut! Easier to cut more than add it back :+1:t2:


I would say it depends on the kit. I’ve had some kits where the color seemed to disappear after baking. I had to apply a varnish to help the color “grab”. I’ve heard some people report the intensity getting more. That’s one reason why you should always do thin washes. You’ll get a feel for it, though. :slight_smile:


It intensifies. So don’t put on too many layers before your first bake. It’s easier to add on layers than it is to take off layers.


Blues,purples,and reds grab quick Just mix them like a watercolor wash. Nice and thin. If you drag your paintbrush up the sides of your bowl or palette you want the paint to run but grab in speckles. Do very thin layers. Let it flash off before baking. And watch your parts so they don’t burn. Every kit is different so don’t go by what time it differs kit by kit


I have had the same experience as Amy has. It depends on the vinyl. I’ve had kits that seem to lose all color when baked and others that seem to intensify slightly. But just go slowly layer by layer. You can always add more color, but taking it away is a time consuming problem. That said, I don’t see a huge change in the oven. Usually if I like the color that goes in, I will still like it when it comes out. Sometimes there is no noticeable change at all. And a wash of the complimentary color will usually neutralize any errors.


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So far mine always fades. All the colors fade even the blue as long as it doesn’t go on too thick in the first place