Colliii TV disassembles a doll to demonstrate bad rebornig


Colliii-Doll lovers online disassembles a reborn doll and talks about what makes a collectable and what makes a poorly done reborn. It is in German, with a translater. Very Interesting.


Saw that - it was interesting.


very interesting!


It has been on their site for about 2 years now…and it was REALLY interesting! Glad I saw it when I first began to reborn, as a picture is always worth a thousand words!
Makes you wonder what is the matter with some people.


Although I do not use it…why so sand considered so “bad”?


I just want to start by noting that I don’t use sand in my babies. I use good quality products, and I definitely take a lot of care in my rooting and sealing the hair, etc. I do my best to create the best quality, durable reborn babies.

That being said, I thought this was a good video in the sense that it gives us some ideas / guidelines on what is considered to be “quality” reborning. But there is also something about the video that makes me uneasy. I just kept thinking, if the artist ever comes across this video, they will be heartbroken and humiliated to find that their doll was literally picked apart and used as an example of “bad reborning.”

Just like any artwork, different artists operate at different levels (like comparing the works of Monet, Mary Engelbreit, Thomas Kinkade, Charles Schultz, etc), but we all know how much time and effort goes into each creation.

This reborn baby they picked apart was still nicer than any mass-produced collectible doll. Even Ashton Drake dolls don’t get the individual, time-consuming attention and detail that was put into this baby. JMHO

As long as the auction has accurate photos & descriptions of the baby, as well as the materials that were used in its creation, I think it is up to the buyer if it’s a baby that she can enjoy, and what it’s worth to that individual. Everyone has their own tastes… and budgets after all!

OK, I’ll get off my soap box now. Thanks for reading! LOL


I have also watches some of these programs online. I liked it cause it showed me what not to do. lol