Clothes for caleb

where did you find cloths to fit caleb…my sweetie is naked…sage

What kind of clothes do you need? I can sew if I know what you need and size.

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That is why I sold both of my calebs instead of keeping one. They are too small for preemie clothes even though people pose them in preemie clothes…I think they just tuck the clothes way in. I ended up sewing two gowns for them to wear. The other problem is diapers…micro preemie ones won’t cover the leg bumps and preemie are too big. Sometimes I think about getting a small doll but then I think about caleb!

I have Carter preemie size on my Caleb. The onsie is just a little long and the sleeper is too, but not overly huge. There are online preemie stores.

Gerber brand preemies are very tiny & fit beautifully

Yes I used a preemie onesie for my Rosebud while he was being sold. It was just plain white but it did the job. If you are keeping Caleb I am not sure, micro preemie clothing maybe? sorry im not much help… is where i bought my stuff for the tiny babies

Here is the link from when I posted Caleb in the Reborn Showcase. You can see how the onsie fits him. The sleeper I had to roll up the sleeves.


Toys R Us has “You & Me” outfits for $7.99. You can also take the doll in and try them on. Cracker Barrel restaurant has a lot of doll outfits that fit too.

Check out Molly P. Originals. Don’t know if the link will be blocked but here goes.
I found these sites, but I have not ordered from it yet
You can also google Secrist or Lee Middleton dolls… they have a lot of 12" doll clothing.