Clothes for baby

How do you know size of clothes for baby? Working on elsie, also have 18, 19, 14, 10 inch dolls.

I believe Elsie wears small newborn or larger preemie clothing.10 inch babies need micro preemie or doll clothes.20 inch babies usually wear newborn.14 inch babies are hard to fit,I sometimes find American Girl doll clothes that fit fairly well enough on the 14 to 16 inch

Thank you

You can find clothes for 4 pound babies on the preemie; the preemie store; perfectly preemie, etc. that fit the 14 inch babies great. Babyprem also has 1.5 pound micro preemie clothes that fit the 10 inch dolls. I like these because they’re well made, real baby clothes and not insanely expensive. 18-19 inch dolls wear preemie/newborn depending on manufacturer. Dolls So Real has beautiful smocked dresses with bloomers for 10-12 inch dolls.

Most of the time I just guess. However, with Heather by Donna Rubert, it depends on how you stuff her body. I’ve made one that wears 0-3 months and one 3-6 months.
18 & 19 : Newborn
14 : Preemie or Micro Preemie
10 : eBay people make them (for Claire I was able to fit her into a Preemie onesie that I shrank in the washing machine. It was still a bit large, but it looked cute)

I’d say the same as everyone else. But the tiny ones can be hard to shop for. I made a tiny little gown for my 10 inch Mini Yawns and it’s really cute. I used a pattern made for real micro preemies this size, and the pattern came with 2 bigger sizes as well. I don’t have a great picture of it, but you can see it a little. It’s open completely in the front, and can be closed with either a ribbon or velcro. I chose to just keep it open though,


I have a 3lb, 18 inch reborn coming soon. What size clothes would fit her?

Newborn or maybe large preemie.

I didn’t think anyone would see my question. Thanks for answering so quickly. Off to do some shopping!!
Thx again :slight_smile:

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