Closed to open eyes


Hey guys. I was wondering if there was anyway possible anyone on here would be able to open closed eyes on the Libby kit?


You should be able to do peeky eyes fairly easily. Just cut along the lash line with a narrow x-acto blade. Then cut the lid along the crease. When you’re done, you can smooth the edges with acetone on a q-tip. If you’re going to try fully open eyes, draw a guide line on the lid with a prisma pencil to make sure the cut is in the right place. I just opened closed eyes on a different kit. I can do it for you for $10 if you send me the head and pay shipping both ways.


I’m so glad to hear that it can be done. But I’m not so sure if it’s easy to do for her since she’s already been made? does that effect anything?


Yes. If she’s already painted I wouldn’t try it. It would be too hard to match the paint.