Cleft lip kits?

My friend’s sister wants a reborn with a cleft lip. Is there any kits like that?

The ones I have seen people made them by dremmeling out the cleft and then building it back in with sculpy.

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I use air dry. Still possible?

The Sculpy has to be heat set but once you get it attached on there I see no reason why you could not paint it with air dry.

I am sure someone here has probably made one of those type babies who can give you more info.

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Thank you

I think I remember Vinchenza Care working on a new sculpt with a cleft lip? But I’m not sure if it’s still in the works or if it was just a one off thing.

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He almost looks to me like someone took a hot awl and burnt an indention into his mouth that maybe did not go all the way through? Then painted in the area. Just guessing though I have no idea.


Christie Durant used to make some. I am not sure if she does anymore. Her nursery page wont open for me…
Sweet Peas Forever nursery


I made this one. He wasn’t perfect, just an experiment, but he went to a parent who has a cleft lip, and he is very much loved


I used Dustin for this to try to portray a cleft lip and palate, not just the lip. Thought I’d clarify

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Most of the ones I’ve seen her make are for her OOAK mini babies. They all turned out super cute though!